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I grew up being exposed to art from an early age, and in junior high school I discovered oil painting and became deeply immersed in it. While drawing, he obtained a calligraphy instructor's license, and at university, he obtained an art teacher's license. During his time there, he started a business and disbanded it.After that, he also had a job, but due to poor physical and mental health, he quit. While experimenting with various types of production, he came across repainted figures and began his career with the desire to master this form of expression.

Currently, he is active as a YouTuber using various expression methods such as "3D two-dimensional coloring", "manga style coloring" that uses only black and white, "painting style coloring" and "pixel art style coloring". In addition, he is also active internationally as a paint artist.

He has been active in a wide range of areas, including painting commercial decommissions, appearing in the media, and speaking at overseas events.In November 2022, he published his first book, ``Anime Figure Painting Textbook Starting with One Brush''.

He is also actively working on launching original brands and creating original characters.

Main achievements

STUDIO24 collaboration “I painted Terry Bogard’s figure in a pixel art style” mass production and commercialization project

Figure production studio “STUDIO24” is expanding
A collaboration project with "THE KING OF COLLECTORS'24" whose concept is "a fusion of in-game pixel art and Mr. Morikiro's illustrations."

The work that was sublimated from 2D to 3D is returned to 2D "pixel art" again,
It will be applied to mass-produced figures.

This is currently an ongoing challenge.

Painted works will be exhibited and sold by lottery at "Kitaro EXPO" commemorating the 100th anniversary of Shigeru Mizuki's birth.

As part of Shigeru Mizuki's 100th birthday project, he participated as one of the artists in a tribute art exhibition sponsored by Mizuki Productions and Toei Animation.

Kitaro, created by sculptor Keiji Iwakura, was colored and exhibited.


When I was a child, my mother told me that I could rent anything at a video rental store.
I borrowed Kitaro once every three times.
While feeling such nostalgia,
With the excitement and thrill of seeing various monsters appear,
I painted Kitaro and the monsters in various colors.

TV anime "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" Tanjiro Kamado Full coloring Ver. 1/8 scale figure

Coloring production: MA Man
Publisher/distributor: Aniplex Co., Ltd.

Official sales page: ANIPLEX+

*The sale period for this product has ended.

“Textbook for anime painting figures starting with just one brush” published (KADOKAWA)

KADOKAWA has published ``Anime Figure Painting Textbook Starting with One Brush''.

"2.5 Dimensional Temptation" Liliel figure official colorist

I was in charge of the official coloring of the ``2.5 Dimension Temptation'' Liliel figure.

Two were painted, and one was sent to the creator, Mr. Hashimoto.
One was given away through a lottery.


Appeared in ABEMA “Voice Actor and Figures 2023”

Other main achievements

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Publication/Magazine publication

Radio appearance

official coloring

Youtube appearance/collaboration

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