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Anime figure painting textbook starting with just one brush
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We sell one-of-a-kind works painted by artist MA Man. We will sell irregularly, including the original series "TSUNOID".
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Our Brands

Original brand list

0 Color.

zero color

Is it really possible for me to do something that I have never made or painted before?
When I thought about trying my hand at making things, these feelings suddenly crossed my mind...
In the first place, it takes time to make something, so there are a lot of people who are unable to complete it and give up halfway through.
Therefore, we wanted people to complete their first work, so the tool brand ``0color.'' was born, meaning that it starts with 0 and completes with a period.

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``TSUNOID'' is an original beautiful girl character series that combines ``androids'', which are between humans and robots, and ``horns'', which symbolize various animals and creatures.

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I think everyone has had moments where they feel like they can't fit in with society or feel like they're the only ones standing out.
As I progressed through life, I often had trouble fitting in with the people around me.
“It’s okay to step out of that box and live your own way without being bound by the rules!”
“It’s okay to pursue what you like without worrying about what others think!”
With this feeling in mind, we created the brand ``AriZ'' after the word ``ARISE.''
It starts with A and ends with Z, meaning from beginning to end.

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About MA-man

What is MA Man?

We received a lot of feedback.

“You’re lying, aren’t you?”

When I first heard about this story from STUDIO24

"Pixel art?" "Isn't it anime coloring?" "Huh????"...

SNK Co., Ltd.Read the full story

Congratulations on opening your EC site!
I was contacted by MA Man for my book ``Textbook of Anime Painted Figures''...

Toshiya Co., Ltd.Read the full story

My relationship with MA Man began when I was assigned to edit the ``Textbook of Anime Colored Figures.''
her repaint work

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.Read the full story

I first contacted MA when I ordered a sample of "PLAMAX Shikinami Asuka Langley" published in "Girls Plastic Model Style #01".
“The subject matter is normal...

Hobby Japan Co., Ltd.Read the full story

Keep an eye on the explosive progress of the one and only figure painter team MA!

My encounter with MA Man...

Art Box Co., Ltd.Read the full story

“Talent and passion for color expression”

Paint has three main roles: function, protection, and aesthetics.
Among them, beauty enriches people's hearts and surprises them...

Saito Paint Co., Ltd.Read the full story

``I happened to see a two-dimensional painting that caught my eye on SNS and fell in love with it.
My intuition tells me that my unique worldview will easily transcend languages ​​and borders...

Oami “AmiAmi” Co., Ltd.Read the full story

"A genius painter with extraordinary skills"

Due to its solitary image, it is an unapproachable presence with an artistic temperament...
I thought so, but when I actually met him, he was so relaxed and natural (lol)
He's soft-spoken and not bossy at all...

STUDIO 24 Co., Ltd.Read the full story

My first impression when I met MA Man for the first time was that she was a modern lady with a nice, soft atmosphere.


Freesia Enterprise Co., Ltd.Read the full story

"MA Man - A genius who descended into the world of coloring"

Who is this fluffy and painted this? ! I was surprised when we met for the first time!
With masa...

Sculptor Saori IshizakiRead the full story

A monster MA man who appears slowly and effortlessly and before you know it, advances and embodies his interests one after another.
(I apologize for calling it a compliment.)
In the future...

Sculptor Manabu YamashitaRead the full story

Was this the first time you worked together on the cover of Sculpters?
Afterwards, we exchanged greetings at WF, and the exchange began.
Personally, I still...

Sculptor Keiki FujimotoRead the full story


株式会社オーロックス 様全文を読む

What is Project MA?


The site ``Project MA'' is created to express the idea that the delivery of products planned and produced by MA people to everyone is a project, and that we can pursue our goals together and work together as one to create good products. I stood up.