Hobby Japan Co., Ltd. Hobby Japan Editorial Department Mr. Xinbin Wang

I first contacted MA when I ordered a sample of "PLAMAX Shikinami Asuka Langley" published in "Girls Plastic Model Style #01".
“Even if you paint it normally based on the subject matter, it will just be a completed sample.

I was thinking, ``I want something different for this article to be published in a magazine,'' and since I had seen it on social media for a while and had been curious about it, I felt that this person would be able to create an interesting example, so I asked him to create it. .

The result was a work that exceeded my expectations! I was surprised that even though it was painted in an illustration style, it was designed to look three-dimensional rather than completely two-dimensional. The use of colors was exquisite, and I felt like I was looking at a painting.

In addition to the examples, the person who created them was also very beautiful, so we suddenly decided to include a gravure cut.

Also, not only MA, but also the manager who supports her, MASA, are very friendly people who are easy to talk to.

When we ate together, we had a great time as if we had been friends for many years, and the time passed quickly!

I think the reason why collaborative projects have been created with various companies is due to the personalities of both of them.

I would like to continue to challenge various things together in the future!