Connect with LINE and get 5x more savings

By linking Project MA's LINE account and your LINE account,

・If you add an out-of-stock item to your favorites, you will receive a restock notification on LINE!

・Receive the latest information before anyone else!

・There are also products that can be purchased in advance only by those who have linked with LINE!

・A campaign limited to those who cooperate with LINE will also be held!

・Limited coupons will also be issued!

We plan to add various functions and content in the future, so be sure to connect to LINE now so you don't miss out!

How to link with LINE

1. First, register as a member and log in to My Page
2.Click the "Link" button
3.You will be redirected to the authentication page, so click the "Authenticate" button at the bottom of the page.
4. If it shows "linked" on your My Page, you're done!

*Campaigns and information distributed in the past

There are many items that cannot be accepted.

Please register early!