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Project MA【MAマン公式通販】

"I wonder if I can do something like this myself..."
That's what everyone thinks at first.


  • I want to make something cool
  • I want to create something unique to myself in the world.
  • I want to give form to the ideals I have in mind.

There are probably quite a few people who think so.

Is it really possible for me to do something that I have never made or painted before?
I'm sure you're trying to take on the challenge even though you're worried .

I would like such people to pick up "0color.blush". In the first place, it takes time to make something, so there are a lot of people who are unable to complete it and give up in the middle.

Once you've finished it, you'll be overwhelmed with the fun and excitement of making it , but it's such a waste to not be able to enjoy it even though you've been so interested in it!

So, I wanted people to complete their first work, so I named it ``0color.'' to mean that it starts with 0 and is completed with a period .

Actually, I think motivation is extremely important when creating.

There are a lot of things that I put into this "0color.blush" so that you can complete it while maintaining your motivation, but there are three main things that I am particular about.

Three commitments

▼Commitment to design

Don't you get excited if the tools you use are stylish or cool? It's extremely satisfying to work while holding that feeling in your heart.
Even when you're feeling discouraged or unmotivated, I want you to look at this brush and feel motivated, and I want you to feel like you've improved even just a little. The color... We have been very particular about every design to create a luxurious design.

▼Attention to the tip of the brush

We made the bristles long enough to make them easy to handle, even for people who have never held a brush before.
If it's a brush that only experts and specialists can use, you might feel satisfied the moment you buy it, but what happens when you actually decide to use it and it's difficult to handle? That's too sad. . .
Therefore, the tips of the hair have been adjusted to the last possible level to make them easy to use even for beginners.

▼Brush tip can be repaired

``The tip of the brush is bent and I can't apply properly...'' If you notice it during or just before starting production, it's a hassle to go back and buy it, and it can be a little depressing. . .
Based on this experience, I made it possible to restore the brush tip by soaking it in hot water so as not to lose motivation even a little.
By rinsing your brushes in water that's about as hot as instant soup or coffee, you'll be able to touch up your brushes enough to enjoy painting, although they won't be as good as new.

Product Info

This is a set of 3 Japanese-made nylon brushes, and in the process of applying the synonymous 3D two-dimensional coloring, we maximized our commitment to the brush's ``quality of bristles,'' ``brush length,'' and ``bread width'' to bring out the best performance. This is a work I am proud of.
This brush series has relatively soft bristles with less stiffness.

Three types of different sizes, "Deka", "Hutu", and "Chibi", allow for more detailed coloring.

<Set contents>
~Set of 3 nylon brushes~
Deka: Ear length 12.5mm, Ear diameter 2.5mm
Hutu-: Ear length 9.6mm, Ear diameter 1.6mm
Chibi: Ear length 4.4mm, Ear diameter 1.1mm

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