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Project MA【MAマン公式通販】

We aimed to create a paint tray that allows you to concentrate more on brush painting, which requires delicate techniques, and allows you to work more comfortably than ever before.
Through repeated trial and error, we have completed an ideal paint tray that incorporates various gimmicks.
With the newly conceived shape of the plate, the conventional brush painting can be done more safely and stably.
The replaceable pallet eliminates the need for troublesome work such as washing dishes.
It also comes with a special lid that prevents the paint from drying even if you temporarily stop brush painting.
This paint tray can be used by a wide range of people, from beginners who are just starting brush painting to experts who are already accustomed to brush painting.

Heavy shaved plate

0Color.DISH] The main body is a solidly weighted paint dish made of machined aluminum.
This reduces the possibility of the paint pan moving or accidentally overflowing when brushing.
In addition, the bottom has a specially designed large rubber that firmly grips the tabletop and prevents it from slipping, allowing you to place it stably.
During brush painting, it is easy to control the amount of paint applied to the brush with one hand, and there is no need to put down the work and use your hand to hold the painting pan while applying the brush, so you can continue holding the work. You can concentrate on brush painting work.

Easy cleanup with replaceable refills

0Color.DISH] uses a disposable paint dish (refill) without having to wash it every time like a paint dish. (10 sheets included)
It is integrated with the main body with a special refill that fits perfectly, and is firmly fixed to the main body once installed. It is also easy to remove and replace refills.
Just throw it away after painting, so you don't have to wipe it off and clean up afterwards.
Since it is a disposable type with excellent cost performance, you can always paint with a clean brush.
You can easily use it when adding ink marks or when you want to do a little painting.
The white refill makes it easy to see the color and is convenient when adjusting the color.
Even if paint gets on the main body, it can be easily wiped off with a compatible solvent, as the main body is made of an easy-to-wipe material.
* 0Color.Refill (Dedicated refill) is also available separately. (30 pieces included)

Comes with a lid that allows you to temporarily suspend work

0Color.DISH] comes with a highly airtight lid that can be attached perfectly to the paint dish itself.
By attaching the lid, you can reduce the rate of paint volatilization, and you can temporarily store the paint without it drying out even when you temporarily stop painting with a brush.

It can be easily removed and you can immediately resume your interrupted brush painting work.
*Although it is designed to be highly airtight, it does not completely prevent volatilization.

0Color.DISH Product specifications

◆Set contents ・Zero color dish x 1
・Special lid x 1
0Color.Refill (Special refill) x 10 pieces

◆Material/Zero color dish body: Aluminum/Special lid: PP
0Color.Refill (Special refill) :PET

◆Product size/Size: Zero color dish body: Approximately φ50 x 14mm
・Special lid: Approximately φ56mm (including protruding parts)
0Color.Refill (Special refill) : Approximately φ48 x 10mm

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